Quality Policy
In order to guarantee a product/service based on the maximum satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders and, more generally, taking into account the internal and external factors that affect the context in which the Organization is operating, OFOLUX defines the following reference principles of its Quality Policy.
The Management of OFOLUX SRL firmly believes that the continuous improvement of products and work processes, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, and customer satisfaction, are fundamental conditions for the company's success.

As stated in the Business Strategic Plan, the following priority guidelines are therefore established:

  • Identification of the actual needs of customers and their satisfaction;
  • Continuous adaptation of the company's capabilities, both internal and at its suppliers, in order to realize its products in the best time, at the best cost, with the highest quality and in compliance with the laws in force in the field.

The tool we adopt and believe is fundamental to achieving and maintaining these goals is the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System that complies with ISO9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO14001:2015 Standards.

OFOLUX intends to keep an internal organization active in line with the requirements of the Standards in order to be able to provide products and services in compliance with the agreed commitments and continue to improve products, processes and services to satisfy the customer and comply with customer requirements also from an Automotive perspective according to IATF 16949.

ofolux azienda certificata
ofolux azienda certificata
The Management has identified in current IATF 16949 an important direction for internal organizational improvement.
The Management is committed to meeting the requirements of the Standard, the binding requirements applicable to its sector of activity, to promote the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the QS and to support with the necessary resources this Policy so that it is understood and consistently implemented by all staff.
The Management uses the most appropriate forms of internal communication and awareness - through moments of training and exchange of considerations with staff - to disseminate this Policy and, through the periodic evaluation of people's awareness, measures the degree of understanding and assimilation in daily work practice. The Management, however responsible for the dissemination and understanding of the Policies, avails itself and delegates the Quality Manager (RSG),to directly dispose of what is necessary to respond positively to the requirements contained in the standard, to report to the Management itself on the performance of the Quality Management System, on the need for improvement and to ensure the growth of awareness on the customer's needs in the company, convinced that this is one of the company characteristics that the Customer expects from the company.
These objectives, which are the pillars on which the IATF 16949:2016 project is based, will be monitored to be achieved through:
  • The measure of customer satisfaction;
  • Developing the skills of people who influence the quality of our products;
  • The raising of employee awareness;
  • The definition of improvement objectives in the various business areas, a continuous measure of their degree of achievement and internal information on the results achieved;
  • The precise monitoring of the quality indices foreseen and implemented to measure the results;
  • A periodic review by the Management to evaluate the functioning of the Management System and identify needs and/or opportunities for improvement.

In particular, important elements are considered:

Focus on the customer and stakeholders
OFOLUX is committed to understanding customer needs and plans its activities to fully meet them.
In the same way it operates in compliance with the requests and requirements:
  • The reference market;
  • Of the country in which it operates, complying with laws and regulations;
  • Of all the parties involved in their critical processes.
Process approach
OFOLUX identifies the different activities of the company as processes to be constantly planned, controlled and improved and activates the resources for their realization.
OFOLUX manages its processes to be unique:
  • The objectives to be pursued and the expected results;
  • The related responsibilities and resources used.
OFOLUX takes responsibility for the effectiveness of its SGQ, making all necessary resources available and ensuring that the planned objectives are compatible with the business context and strategic guidelines.
OFOLUX communicates the importance of the SGQ and actively involves all stakeholders, coordinating and supporting them.
Risk and opportunity assessment
OFOLUX plans its processes with a Risk-based Thinking (RBT) approach in order to implement the most suitable actions for:
  • Evaluate and treat risks associated with processes;
  • Take advantage of and reinforce the identified opportunities.

OFOLUX promotes at all levels an adequate sense of proactivity in the management of its risks.

Involvement of staff and stakeholders
OFOLUX is aware that the involvement of staff and all stakeholders, combined with the active participation of all collaborators, are a primary strategic element.

It promotes the development of internal professionalism and the careful selection of external collaborations in order to equip itself with competent and motivated human resources.

We act with the utmost determination to achieve the standards defined in compliance with the environmental and social needs of the community in which we operate.

We believe in individual responsibility and recognize our responsibilities to our Customers, Employees and The Community. The most precious asset of our company is the reputation of integrity that we enjoy and an important element, for maintaining that reputation, is our commitment to sustainable development.
We deeply believe in our work to achieve our goals.

We treat all our customers, our working partners, the members of our community with dignity and courtesy.

We recognize that each individual is important and able to make his or her contribution also through a personal development plan for growth.
We are aware that living this value also involves integrity, respect for different cultures, respect for fundamental human rights and respect for the environment.

OFOLUX has as its permanent objective the improvement of the performance of its SGQ.
The preliminary assessment of the risks and opportunities related to business processes, the internal and external verification activities, and the review of the Management are the tools that OFOLUX puts in place to constantly improve itself.
Ofolux's chosen tool for the persecution of its Policy is associated with a Quality Management System compliant with IATF 16949:2016
Last but not least, the Management trusts on the active collaboration and continuous suggestions provided, in the first instance, by the company staff in order to achieve and keep alive the aforementioned objectives.