Company Code od Ethics
1. Purpose
Integrity and ethics have always characterized OFOLux’s business.
Values ​​such as trust and loyalty are deeply rooted in our corporate culture.
The Company Code of Ethics represents our commitment to operate with a strong sense of integrity and truthfulness in our relationships.
The organizational model and internal procedures adopted by OFOLux to carry out its activities comply with the rules contained in this Code.
2. Scope of application and recipients
The aforementioned principles and the provisions of this Code are binding for the Directors, for people linked by subordinate employment relationships with OFOLux SRL and for all those who work for OFOLux, whatever the relationship is, below all also defined with the term "Recipients".
3. Principles and Values
Ethics and Business
Transparency, fairness, compliance with company rules represent the set of distinctive values ​​that characterize OFOLux's business and relationships and constitute the essential basis of any relationship with third parties.
These values ​​are to be considered indispensable due to the very nature of the services offered and the information processed.
Objectives and Values
OFOLux's activities, in pursuing corporate interests, always bearing in mind the ethical values ​​that the company makes its own, also aims to:
  • enhance the professional knowledge of the staff, in a work environment inspired by fairness and collaboration, based on the experience gained in the areas of competence;
  • empower and involve employees and collaborators, with regard to the specific objectives to be achieved and the methods to be pursued;
  • interpreting customer needs by respecting the principles of proper business operation;
  • pursue corporate interests with loyal and correct conduct, aiming for the highest levels of professional integrity.
Compliance with applicable Laws and Regulations
The company rejects any behaviour, even if implemented in its favour, which is contrary to the law, regulations in force or to the guidelines indicated in this Code.
OFOLux carries out an adequate training and awareness program on issues relating to the Code and carries out control and verification of compliance with current legislation, promoting organizational tools to prevent the violation of legal provisions and ethical principles.
Due to the specific nature of the sector in which it operates and the activity carried out, data and information are an integral part of the company assets.
No confidential information, acquired or processed by the Recipients in the performance or on the occasion of their activity, can be used, communicated to third parties or disseminated for purposes other than those of the activity itself.
4. Principles concerning Business Management
Administration and Budget
OFOLux considers the transparency, accuracy and completeness of accounting information and its financial statements to be fundamental.
To this end, it undertakes to comply with the principles established by the civil code and by sector legislation.
The Recipients involved in administrative and accounting activities must scrupulously comply with the internal procedures, the law and the accounting principles.
In particular, the accounting records and documents are based on precise, exhaustive and verifiable information and reflect the nature of the operation to which they refer, they are carefully archived for any subject to verification.
Illegal Conduct
OFOLux establishes that Recipients must refrain from providing or promising to third parties, sums of money or other benefits in any form and way, even indirectly, to promote or favour the interests of the company, even if subjected to unlawful pressure.
They cannot accept for themselves or for others such sums and / or benefits to promote or favour the interests of third parties in relations with OFOLux.
Gifts of significant value are not allowed; if of modest value, they must be attributable solely to acts of mutual courtesy in the context of correct commercial relations.
Furthermore, they are forbidden to expose facts that do not correspond to the truth or omit information or conceal data in direct or indirect violation of the regulatory principles and internal procedural rules, in order to mislead the third party recipients of the aforementioned information. Any actions found in contrast with the ethical and behavioural principles defined by this Code must be promptly reported to the CEO.
5. Relations with the recipients of the Code
Relations with Employees
Employees must comply with the principles of protection and respect for the human person, loyalty, dignity, morality, correctness in personal relationships, integration and cross-functional collaboration, a sense of responsibility and respect for hierarchical and functional relationships. OFOLux keeps employees constantly informed of company directives through the most appropriate information channels.
Relations with Customers
OFOLux establishes that Recipients must adopt behaviours aimed at satisfying the right needs of the Customer, with the aim of consolidating the relationship in compliance with current legislation.
Relations with Suppliers
OFOLux carefully selects suppliers in compliance with the principles of transparency, impartiality and fairness, verifying the actual technical and professional competence and the adequate means / tools to cope with the commissioned activity.
Relations with the Public Administration
OFOLux's relations with the Public Administration and public officials are based on full compliance with laws and regulations, respecting the public nature of the function.
OFOLux establishes that it is forbidden for Recipients to promise or pay sums to public officials and employees of the Public Administration in any form directly or indirectly to induce or facilitate the performance of an official act or contrary to the official duties of the Public Administration, placed in be to promote the interest / advantage of OFOLux.
Anyone who receives explicit or implicit requests for benefits of any kind from the Public Administration, even with unlawful pressure, must inform the CEO.

The Recipients must not unduly procure any other type of profit either for themselves, or for OFOLux, or for third parties, to the detriment of the Public Administration, with tricks or deceptions.
Therefore, OFOLux establishes that the Recipients must in no case:

  • 1. obtain, unduly, OFOLux contributions, loans or other disbursements of the same type provided by the Public Administration, through the use or presentation of false or misleading documents, or through the omission of due information;
  • 2. use contributions, grants or loans intended for OFOLux, for purposes other than those for which they were granted.
6. Sanctions
The provisions of this Code are an integral part of the contractual obligations assumed by the Recipients or by subjects having business relations with OFOLux.
Violation of the rules of the Code may constitute a breach of contractual obligations, with all legal consequences, including with regard to the termination of the contract or the assignment and any compensation for damages.
7. Disclosure of the Code
OFOLux undertakes to make this Code known to all Recipients.